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GLP-1 Weight Loss Injections

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GLP-1 Weight Loss Injections

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Over 3+ Months Of Injections

Consultation, Injection Kit,
& Medical Assistance Included

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There is so much social acceptance in being content with our health and desensitizing the harsh terms as we age and accept “Dad Bod” “Mom Bod” and “It’s just an age thing, learn to accept it”.

Our lives become so busy, we lose focus on the most important asset, OURSELVES. During the aging process, numerous physical and psychological changes occur, causing our ability or inability to produce and/or maintain healthy hormonal levels. Thus, resulting in symptoms such as weight gain, hair loss, mood swings, depression, fatigue, decreased libido, loss of lean muscle mass, and many more.

Why do we just accept these changes and leave them untreated? Let Primal Health and Wellness provide products, services, and most importantly, a relationship to educate our clients to help met their goals, leading to a happier YOU!

Weight Loss

Experience the difference with our leading range of weight loss products, formulated with the most potent and medically proven ingredients on the market.


Peptide/amino acids, and vitamin/mineral therapies are majors keys to the future of regenerative medicine. These newer therapies look to enhance your ability to gain and maintain lean muscle, target fat loss, strengthen your immune system, revitalize your skin, and enhance your overall well-being. Take an opportunity to educate these vast new products and options with your medical provider.

  • Increased mood & energy levels
  • Tightened skin and improved hair growth
  • Improved nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems
  • Amplified sex drive & enhanced sexual performance
  • Enhanced sleep, focus and sharpened memory
  • Faster fat loss, lean muscle development & improved flexibility
  • Decreased recovery time & lessened joint pain
  • Boosted metabolism & lower cholesterol
  • Better defense against osteoporosis

Sexual Enhancement

Bring back the passion and excitement with trusted solutions to improve your libido, combat erectile dysfunction, increase your sexual satisfaction, and more. We have therapy for both men and women.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Primal Health take health insurance?
Does Primal Health offer telemedicine services?
What kind of medical professional will I speak with at Primal Health and Wellness?
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How to get started

FREE Phone Consultation

Set up a FREE phone consultation. During this phone meeting, we will review the products and discuss your health needs and goals. 

Medical Consent Form/Labs

After the consultation, a medical consent form will be sent to your email to capture your health needs and goals to determine your eligibility.

For TRT, you can either send us your existing labs within 90 days, or get a Rx for labs.

Meeting with Medical Provider (Virtual) & Receiving Medication

Once the medical consent is reviewed, lab work ordered & completed, Our medical provider will then review your results to further assess eligibility, and, if medically appropriate, offer an individual, personalized Rx medication plan.


What others have to say.

"The medical provider is very caring and dedicated to educate and maximize my goals without “selling” me products. I feel as if they care for my health first, rather than just selling the products. I recommend Primal Health and Wellness because I speak with licensed medical staff that are readily available no matter what the question. Even when I’m not fit for certain products, I’m educated on why, and not pushed in to the sales tactics like other companies."

Kyler T

"If you are just starting out with TRT or a veteran, it’s a very affordable and professional company from the start. If you have your previous blood work, or get a Rx to get it completed, the LICENSED professional medical provider calls you directly to go over the results, educate, and LISTENS to your goals. There are many options available, but most importantly I wasn’t judged or pushed in to products without the education provided. From start to finish about positives, negatives, or even good/bad side effects of each individual treatment plan, I feel that the medical provider is there to assist in a very timely manner. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

Greg B

Josh has been outstanding with direction on guidance on my weight loss journey. I have been on the program since late September 2022 when I started at 327 lbs. As of this review, I am weighing in at 259 lbs. I am still on the program until I reach my goal weight of 225 lbs. Any questions that I had he was quick to respond and direct me. Since on this program and losing the weight that I have done to date, my family doctor was very pleased with all my blood work numbers, that if in my next check-up scheduled in December the numbers are still as good, he will remove me from the B/P pill that I am currently taken. I have more energy now and my knees no longer hurt as they did with all the weight. This program works but you yourself need to be committed as well in helping yourself.

Rick S

Primal Health & Wellness helped me lose over 15 lbs of post-menopausal weight within a 2 month period.  I was at the same weight for over 4 years, not able to lose anything.  I feel much better about myself & I'm sleeping better.   Josh McGaffic of Primal Health & Wellness has been a wonderful support. He is always available to provide solid information to his patients & tells you exactly what to expect.  Very professional & to the point.

Suzy M

I am a 40 year old male. First thing Primal Health did was my get blood work done to see where my test levels were.  I was mid to low range.  Primal put me on a plan to get my test levels up to the normal high range. Now I feel great and my workouts feel like they did when I was in my 20s.  You can’t beat the price and service you get with Primal Health and Wellness.

Greg B
Unlock your full potential today.